Sri Lankan Easter of 2019

Instagram does it again.. this was again supposed to be an Insta post but because of it's post length restriction, sharing this piece here.. Last Easter.. yeah, Easter Sunday of 2019.. 🐰 .. This small accident happened when I had fallen down on the staircase of the railway station.. exactly 3 fourth of my toe … Continue reading Sri Lankan Easter of 2019


This whole write up itself is very unexpected.. and this happened just because Instagram didn't allow me to write the whole thing as a post. Can't think of a title yet.. Peeped into the range for a quick minute today and all kinda feels.. didn't even wait there to take a better picture.. I finally … Continue reading Unexpected..

Looking for a sign? Well… The sign just found you!

Take the road untravelled! Take the road less travelled.. Quit your job and go travel!! Just take that offbeat track!! - Isn't that something that we are hearing often lately? Which makes me wonder.. will I ever take a road less travelled, just because it's 'less' travelled? Will I ever hit the offbeat track, just … Continue reading Looking for a sign? Well… The sign just found you!

Milky Way – For the first time.

Just another evening in Arunachal, where people in the hills normally shut doors by 7:00 pm and you are not used to going to bed that early.  "Madam, don't go out after 7 pm" - This was the disclaimer that floated around everywhere. Well.. what about my starry night photograph then!? exactly! Sorry bhaiya, have to … Continue reading Milky Way – For the first time.

The Chatham Saw Mill

How about having an entire island for yourself? Well... been there, done that says the Chatham Saw Mill. Yes! it won't be wrong if we say that this mill occupies the entire island of Chatham. Not kidding! The entire island is a saw mill. This historic saw mill was established by the British raj way back … Continue reading The Chatham Saw Mill

Solo Tripping to the Southernmost Tip of India – Indira Point

A solo traveller once said, that an adventure may be worn as a muddy spot or it may be worn as a proud insignia. It is the woman wearing it who makes it the one thing or the other. What do you think? We all have that one passion in varying degrees that makes us … Continue reading Solo Tripping to the Southernmost Tip of India – Indira Point