An absolute life enthusiast who loves everything blue and green.

Just another girl next door who has a 9-5 almost corporate job and a PADI licence to scuba dive anywhere in the world. Striking a balance between work and travelling by myself, has become a lifestyle now. The feeling of aimlessly walking around and seizing time and moments, one click at a time is a feeling that will remain unmatched.

My heart always skips a beat at the sight of lighthouses, open highways, warm smiles and heartfelt conversations and it has always been an inspiration to live another moment.. another day.. another adventure.

Meghanamohan.com was created to share the world with you, the way I see it. So far, our world isn’t that bad of a place to live in.. While there are millions of questions, perhaps more… there is always a ray of hope, a helping hand, a blessing in disguise.. always.

I do believe in the universe.. the relationship that I share with the universe is at a conversational level. Oh yes, there is no bucket list.