Kumar Post – Siachen Glacier

21 days, 200+ km of marching on mountains, glaciers, moraines – once in a lifetime experience and some new friends made for life.. India’s first-ever civilian expedition to the Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest battleground and second longest glacier in the world’s non-polar areas. So very proud, honored, and thankful for having been a part of this exceptional expedition.. 🤍 So this was between September and October of 2019 and I’m still gathering my thoughts to write more about it… It’s taking a while, hope to pour my heart out about this journey sometime when the time feels right and when my heart says ‘let’s do this!’ 🙂 #thankful

For now, I don’t want this glacier haze, this feeling to go away… Don’t want this tan on my skin to go away.. wish I could put this calmness, this feeling, in a mason jar, tie it up in jute strings.. put some fairy lights in it.. keep watching it.. pick it up and give it a warm hug every now and then.. I’m sure it would look the prettiest and feel the warmest on a rainy evening… ✨ Wear that haze , wear that tan, wear those bruises, wear that feeling like a victory sign.. only you will ever know it’s true worth…


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