Looking for a sign? Well… The sign just found you!

Take the road untravelled! Take the road less travelled.. Quit your job and go travel!! Just take that offbeat track!! – Isn’t that something that we are hearing often lately?

Which makes me wonder.. will I ever take a road less travelled, just because it’s ‘less’ travelled? Will I ever hit the offbeat track, just because it’s ‘offbeat’? or will I ever quit my job, get lost and never come back.. JUST because it sounds so hipster? or JUST because it’s cooler and a new age cliché?

And now, if you are wondering where did these thoughts come from?

Right here – This is where it is coming from..



I was on this endless trail into a vast sphere of the void and all I had was the dear road for company is when these thoughts kept hovering and have been wanting to write about it since then..

It gets me a little worried and disturbed when I see people, especially the younger ones being misled and carried away by the outset of things, travel to be precise here and not understanding the essence which lies in the core… And them wanting to travel and live a hipster’s life JUST to ‘fit in’ and sound cool.. All that I want to tell the younger ones is – Sweethearts.. you don’t have to ‘fit in’ just find out what you’re true passion is, do a thorough research, weigh out the pros and cons and decide how to go about it.. It may or may not be travel.. Please do things that will make you a better, responsible and compassionate person than yesterday and not because you have to ‘fit in’.. Respect, love and nurture your passion with all your heart and it will smile right back at you.. no questions asked.. 🙂  holding on to this thought.. will write about this in a few days..

For now, would love to share and talk about some other ‘thoughts’ that kept me company throughout the journey.. and these thoughts were not mine.

A hundred and more smiles are owed to these signboards which kept popping out of nowhere. And the timing? Just PERFECT! 🙂  Just when I would think that it was the end of the road, a signboard would sweetly pop right across the corner like some sort of a  reassurance and I almost jumped out of the car to capture it.. and did I tell you that it was ‘Karma’ who drove the taxi around.. If you believe in Karma, I’m sure you would  understand the happiness of addressing ‘Karma’ as bro/bhai.. 🙂

Without wasting any time let me show you the signboards that I’m talking about.. here we go.. enjoy! 🙂

For the love of all things good and magical I hope and pray that we manage to get the strength to put our faith in the journey and the courage to believe in the process now and forever..

So go ahead! Hit that road and take that path – which may or may not be ‘the untravelled’ but it’s yours to own now, hereafter.

Stay blessed!



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P.S: If you are in Leh and are looking for a taxi (SUV), please do get in touch with Karma bhai –  Mr. Karma Tsering  +919419215193 / +917051172835.

Soundtrack by: Red Buddha



















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