Milky Way – For the first time.

Just another evening in Arunachal, where people in the hills normally shut doors by 7:00 pm and you are not used to going to bed that early.

 “Madam, don’t go out after 7 pm” – This was the disclaimer that floated around everywhere. Well.. what about my starry night photograph then!? exactly! Sorry bhaiya, have to step out…

So, I take a walk trying to take pictures of the night sky, which is a must for every getaway. But, there were no stars to be found due to the weather conditions. It was the month June and the monsoons had just begun.

For how long would you keep wandering around looking for stars was the question. Especially, if the night is cold, creepy and crazy dark. And nope! I am not* scared of the dark.. (*very scared 😬) But, how would you go to bed without a starry night photograph? Especially in the hills!

It started to drizzle, the clouds fogged up the sky and the rains followed. Everytime I find myself in such situations, it reminds me of my cousin, Prakash anna, who keeps telling me that “Megha, your gears could be weather proof, but not water resistant” every time I try to experiment with my camera in bad weather conditions. So yes, considering that I have already put my camera though some difficult times  I decide to put it away in the bag to give poor baby some breathing space and I sat down, waited for the rains to subside. The wait was scary, yet beautiful… Some more wait and the skies started to clear up. Gracefully!

Alright! Time to act on the research that was done on ‘finding the Milkyway’. This galactic system has always been a mystery for tinkerers like us. Isn’t it? So yes, after a lot of experimental clicks comes this one! Not bad at all for the first time is what I think of this photograph…

There was so much planning and research done on chasing the Milkyway… Now that you’ve sat and watched it till – I don’t even remember the time. And actually managed to capture and freeze that moment along with the Milkyway, the pillow cases and the dish antennas – Just like how I had visualized the frame to be, everything seemed to move in slow motion after that! Not kidding! and I wasn’t high on any substance either. It was sheer happiness and some sort of a zen mode, on having found the Milkyway.

I could sleep in peace that night.. 🙂 ..

Keep looking for stars and you might end up catching the Milkyway.  Sweet dreams! 🙂





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